Sometimes it’s enough to make you really want to throw in the towel and say, I’m done. I give up.

Sales tax this year (which I just got done filing about 3 minutes ago) is more than twice what it was last year. I have a little less than half of what I need to make that happen. $2000 gone.

We have to be somewhere far away at the end of July (soon, in other words) to take care of something that is absolutely necessary and cannot be avoided. $2000 gone.

The truck needed a total overhaul last month. $2500 gone.

Hannah got sick in March. $3000 gone.

That’s all on top of the typical WilderWolf bills – the jeep, insurance, cell phones, domain space, and so on and so forth ad nauseum.

Thank GOD this year is more than half over. But I swear, I’m going to have gray hair at the end of it all. I’m so dang stressed.


4 Responses to Stress

  1. Archer says:

    Money just flies out the door, does it not? Maybe you and Rich need to do a mad scramble out of Calif?

  2. It does. And you’re right, we do. We’re workin’ on it! :)

  3. cohutt says:

    If you do get gray hair, uh, at least you’ll match TW’s beard?

    (Sorry, grasping for silver lining in circumstances)

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