10 Responses to Being A Closet Prepper

  1. Fritz says:

    Awesome post, G. I never knew how much of a closet prepper you were. I knew you kept it quiet, but didn’t know it was hidden from the family as well.

    It really amazes me that you can do this. I see it as a positive. You are still preparing the family for what could happen, but not destroying their faith that their lives as they know it could end.

    A big question I have is where do you keep the preps? I know you have the BOL, but doesn’t the family go there?

    • Heavy G says:

      Fritz, I keep the food at the BOL. In a place that I told her is “full of spiders.” That’ll keep her away. Snicker, snicker.

  2. Docwatmo says:

    Great post G, Some of us started out like that and things have gotten better. Every time the prep saves a minor inconvenience, every time a prep shows its potential for keeping us alive, is another step toward that bliss. You do just fine by your family, and as much as I hope you never have to use those preps, when the time comes and they keep you and your family alive, you win. Great Job G, Keep it up.


  3. Archer says:

    Good post G. I’m glad to have met you in real life.

  4. Heavy G says:

    What an intro, Tiff! That was very nice of you. I value your friendship more than you know. I had pretty much forgotten about the little “tiff” we had (that’s funny!). BTW, I describe a friend my article who said I should get a new wife. That was not Tiff. Just in case anyone thought so.

  5. Wes says:

    Outstanding post, G. When my wife and I first met, she was somewhat leery of the whole thing too. But she’s a smart woman and as long as I didn’t push her into it, she came to the same logical conclusion as I, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” I honestly believe that one day, your wife is going to be so thankful that you did what you did…..and you, my friend, are going to get some extra lovin’ for it.

  6. soupbone says:

    Very good, G. Domestic resistance or opposition not withstanding, perhaps more of us would be better off as closet preppers. To be honest, I’ve been amazed at all of the “see what I’ve got” posts (complete with pictures) on various websites. Better yet, I’m flabbergasted by the “can I use deadly force in X situation?” discussions. Talk about leaving yourself wide open if bad things happen.

    Being a closet prepper has distinct advantages that should not be overlooked: you have to think about what you get and how you’ll store it; big ticket items – such as an AR-15 are not purchased on the spur of the moment; you must be able to justify your purchases to a skeptical spouse, etc., etc. This usually means there are more resources available for less expensive and far more useful items like food, water filters or emergency heat.

    Look at it this way – if the stuff hits the fan, you’ll be ready, if it doesn’t, you may not have to go shopping as often. In either case, you will preserve domestic tranquility and strengthen that most important bond with your wife. And avoid being “that looney survivalist guy”.


  7. InBox485 says:

    This is one area I really count myself as being lucky. I have a job where being prepared isn’t super common but is seen as either neutral or positive, an awesome wife that not only is okay with pretty much any amount of being prepared that we can afford, but is also grateful that I take the time to do most of the work for it, and extended family that either works towards being prepared, or keeps “meaning to work on that”.

  8. Nicodemus says:

    That was a great post Heavy G. I knew you were on the DL about prepping in regards to the work-a-day world, but I had no idea that it included family as well.

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