We are back! Sorry for the absence.

We spent the 15th of January through the 22nd of January in Las Vegas for Shot Show 2012. We had a great time with old friends and met many new ones. We attended Media Day ay the Range on Monday and  Shot Show opened on Tuesday and ran through Friday. Wednesday we took a drive out to Red Rock Canyon before going to the show, that night we had a TSP dinner at Tommy Bahamas, and that was a total blast, good food and great people.

Red Rock Canyon

The Monday after we got back my son rolled his truck 5 times and is in the hospital with multiple breaks in his spine and pelvis, Daily visits has cut down on the time we have had available to produce blog posts. We are hoping to get back to a regular schedule of posting. We will be making posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Project Idaho.

Now that we have the holidays and Shot Show behind us, our sole focus will be on getting out of California and getting to Idaho. We will be cutting all expenses to the bone and eliminating all non essential purchases. Tiffany will be moving there in the next few weeks to get us in a house, and I will follow as soon as I can. We are both getting increasingly anxious to get out of California. Atlas the Wonder Mutt is waiting for us to get our home so he can come live with us.

I know that this is a short post, but I wanted to give you an idea of what we have been up to and what is going on in our lives.



4 Responses to We are back

  1. Sorry to hear about your son. Best wishes for his speedy recovery.

  2. Sunni says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your son’s accident. I hope he heals completely and quickly.

    Best wishes also for your transition to Idaho.

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